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Refers to the application of analytical methods and frequently includes substantial statistical analysis.


man with pdaIs your 21st-century business still operating like it was in the 20th-century? Are you buried by data and information which should be helping you to make decisions? Do you feel you may not have the right approach to analyzing your information?

AGS Analytics has experts to help you get the most out of the data and information that surrounds your business, your sales, your costs, and your competition. We offer rapid customized solutions – giving you the answers to your business’s specific questions just when those answers can do the most good.

We are ready to add our own energy to the development of your solution while working with your current developers and processes – we are experienced with agile, spiral, and traditional development approaches. We tailor our teams to your specific project – you get the expertise you need just where you need it.

AGS Analytics innovates to bring revolutionary solutions to help our clients.


Synthetic Teammate

air force research laboratory patchThe Synthetic Teammate project is conducting research on synthetic agents that can be integrated into team training simulations. Key challenges in advancing this technology are designing and implementing the agents so that the agents closely match human behavior across several cognitive capacities.  These capacities include situation assessment, task behavior, language comprehension, and language generation. The initial application for the synthetic teammate research is an agent functioning as the pilot of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) within a synthetic task environment.  Another challenge is achieving a high enough level of performance from the agent that does not detract from team training for human particpants,
More information on the Synthetic Teammate project is available at The Synthetic Teammate Project Wiki

The language comprehension component of the synthetic teammate research is based on Double R Theory.  Double R Theory is a linguistic theory of the grammatical encoding and integration of referential and relational meaning in English. The associated grammar is fundamentally a Cognitive Linguistic theory and the use of the term "grammar" encompasses meaning, function and structure as it does in Cognitive Grammar (also known as Cognitive Semantics). More information as well as scientific publications can be found at the Double R Theory Site.

Data Mining

Today's successful businesses rely on extracting patterns from data to drive strategy and growth. Data is gathered from nearly every business function including sales activities, purchasing records, web traffic, and other functional analytics routinely collected in a systematic fashion. Over time, these data points comprise a complete data set with a size that can exceed hundreds of terabytes. Turning these data points into relevant, actionable strategies is the function of data mining.

data mining enablersEnabling Data Mining

The power of data mining (also known as knowledge discovery in data, KDD) lies in the ability to produce patterns that highlight specific behaviors and extrapolate statistical predictions of future actions. Algorithms that consider core relationships in data sets help produce a clear and far more accurate picture of the whole data set, while providing a framework for future performance goals.  An example of this might be city planning provisions to support increased population growth driven by census data models. Financial institutions use predictive modeling to determine viability for proposed start-up businesses requesting capital loans, while researchers around the globe rely on data mining to aid their studies and progression towards medical and scientific breakthroughs.

Advanced Text Analytics

Using our advanced semantic parsing and processing technologies, we build structured data from unstructured data and also transform between structured data formats. Our vision is to be the most advanced semantic data processing service on the planet! Our services are well suited for e-commerce and online information services.

New Technologies in Text Analysis

When you read an article related to your business, you may pick up on the author’s style: e.g., sentence construction, overuse of adverbs, unnecessary verboseness. In addition to this conscious evaluation, you are subconsciously analyzing that text for:


Mining Text for Meaning

jumble of wordsSources report that more than 80% of the world’s data is in text form. Many companies, in order to grow, need to find meaning in this textual information, and research into text analysis has been ongoing for several decades.

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