Data Conversion

Data conversion is the translation of data (just about any information) from one format into a different format.  For example, to a format usable by a new information processing system. Our experts and tools work with both unstructured and structured formats.

At AGS Analytics, we can help you convert your data from existing formats into formats your business can use:

  • spreadsheet  ⇒ SQL database
  • XML source documents ⇒ HTML web pages
  • printed paper document ⇒ XML
  • general text file ⇒ your database format
  • ... many, many others ...

and can transform those data into formats that are readily usable by your information processing systems.

There are hundreds of commonly used formats and millions of variations within those formats, and at AGS Analytics, we have the tools and expertise to connect the information you have to the processes that need to use that information.

Whether you have existing databases, document processing applications, web-based news feeds, or other company proprietary formats, we will gladly accommodate your data conversion requirements—you simply specify your needs for data delivery.