What is Data Mining and How Can It Benefit My Company?

data mining iconData mining reveals hidden gems among seemingly incomprehensible amounts of data. What makes data mining special is that it can be used to predict future behavior rather than focus on past events. Last April stores in Dallas may have sold out of your umbrellas, but can you expect the same spate of sales this year? Did stores display the umbrellas near the galoshes? Did they drop the price, distribute coupons or promote a special on rain gear? Did the increase in sales of backpacks (or any other item) contribute to the umbrella blowout? Data mining professionals analyze the relationships among relevant patterns in data—sometimes seemingly unrelated data—to predict future trends.

Data mining has benefited companies with products to sell, medical researchers with vaccines to develop, law enforcement with lives to protect, engineers with highways to build, and even professional sports teams with games to win. Data mining reveals patterns in numbers, yes, but data mining tools can dig through locations, product categories, addresses, transactions, even straight text like in newspapers. We at AGS Analytics have developed innovative software that makes sense of the data for your business. We are pros in analysis methods and can help you apply the results to improve your bottom line.

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