What's So Difficult About Data Mining?

Given a spreadsheet, anyone with a B.S. in statistics can pick out an apparent pattern in data. But the truth is that, by themselves, obvious patterns in data may be irrelevant to a company’s goals. It takes an experienced analyst to determine if that pattern is actually useful to predicting future trends that can help your company meet its bottom line.

With a combined experience of more than four decades, at AGS Analytics we have developed systems and approaches for mining data and finding trends that organizations have used to further their research or to save or earn themselves money:

  • We have worked with federal government scientists to convert and combine large text databases and to extract semantic information from patterns in the data in order to test and prove psychological theories of human language processing.
  • We helped the Air Force identify skills among its workforce that could be improved through training. Then we developed the methodology and software to find the appropriate training programs at the lowest cost.
  • Working with investment managers, we identified investment strategies that worked best in specific market and economic circumstances. Our results showed which methods to use during specific market conditions—and which to avoid.

Data mining’s use is not limited to federal agencies and financial managers as in the above examples. Its abilities can benefit organizations involved with sales, marketing, research, customer relationship management, law enforcement, and human resources. We can show you how specifically.

We’re “number” people, and we love what we do. Please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our analysts. Initial consultation is free—our intrinsic energy is a bonus.