New Technologies in Text Analysis

When you read an article related to your business, you may pick up on the author’s style: e.g., sentence construction, overuse of adverbs, unnecessary verboseness. In addition to this conscious evaluation, you are subconsciously analyzing that text for:


  • The tone of the message
  • The appropriate audience, depending on complex language and ideas
  • The text’s relation to other articles you read last night—or even several years ago—and how this text fits into the puzzle of documents that can further your business

How do you find time to read and analyze everything appropriate to your business? At AGS Analytics, we can help. We are developing software that can simulate the process of human text analysis, software that can retrieve relationships, events, and causes from a group of documents.

We can do a lot with our current capabilities, and we are creating new technologies that will be well beyond the state-of-the-art when they’re ready to roll out. Our semantic analysis system will be able to gather essential data—facts, figures, events, and time frames—from many documents and assist in forming conclusions by comparing these data.

The innovation that our system will offer over previous and existing systems is its ability to combine syntactic, lexical, and semantic analyses and draw upon a vast store of encyclopedic information and extensive knowledge of the use of the English language.

Besides semantic analysis, our current text analysis work also includes:

  • Ontology construction and engineering
  • Custom software development to support text processing and analysis
  • Dictionary/knowledge-base management, syntactic analysis (i.e., text parsing and parts of speech tagging)
  • Transformations from XML to custom database, and vice versa

Please call or e-mail us to discuss your company’s needs. We can tailor our software to meet your goals. Initial consultation is free—our intrinsic energy is a bonus.